Allisun Hull
Yoga Instructor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

A yoga practitioner of 19 years, Allisun has been Teaching Yoga and leading Yoga retreats in the US and beyond since 2006. 

Allisun is deeply inspired by nature, music, and love. The result is a flowing, dynamic, spiritual and devotional expression of mind, body, and breath, tapping into the creativity, fluidity, sensuality, and movement within every living being. Allisun believes we are ONE with each other, wth this earth, the stars above, past and future… united by passion, spirit, and love.


Allisun believes Yoga is our connection to Divine Spirit, our connection to the beyond. Yoga is transcendent and timeless.


Allisun’s knowing is that through intentional practice, how we move through the world on AND off the mat, we can heal this planet, we can heal all that breathes and grows.

 For Weekly Classes, visit www.orangeyogaabq.com

Tel: 505-382-4413, allisun@orangeyogaabq.com

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